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    Your Dream, Your Destination, Our Mission

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    Our wide array of immigration professionals ensures we find the right program to meet your personal situation.

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    Canadian study programs are the best way to develop your skills and get ready for the work market in your chosen field.

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    We organize and promote events taking care of every detail so you only have to worry about choosing a blazer or cardigan.

About Us

Oh Viva Canada was born rooted in one single belief; everything can be achieved with the right support.
Today, we are a Vancouver-based consultancy company enriched with a network of highly skilled Canadian immigrants.
Our expertise on different fields provides a unique insight into the Canadian market, immigration opportunities and education options.

We have close relationships with recognized Canadian institutions to ensure our partners meet our high standards.
Contact us today to start your career in Canada.


Success is not an award hanging on the wall but the result of hard work, determination and courage.


We support your project through all the process; from the first time you Google ‘Canada’ to the day you settle in the country.


Behind these words there is a team of passionate individuals who strive to make your goals come true.



Every year thousands of new migrants make Canada their new home. Our migration firms network ensures we find the program that best matches your personal situation. Our partners have years of experience in helping people from across the globe settle in Canada. Contact us today to help you become a new resident.


Confucius was right when he said, “Choose a job you love and you will never work again.” We help you find the right study program to develop your skills and get you ready for the work market in the field you want. Our partnerships with Canadian recognized institutions offer a wide variety of programs: from online English courses to master’s degrees. Together we find the best booster for your future.


Oh Viva Canada is actively engaged in helping newcomers integrate into the Canadian lifestyle. Stay tuned for seminars and workshops about how to develop your project in Canada - and even get some free snacks. Don’t miss out on your spot.


The caterer is late, the drinks are running low and the orchestra has been downsized to a singer with a broken microphone. You don’t want surprises when you are hosting, neither do we. We organize and promote events taking care of everything to the smallest detail so you only have to worry about the outfit for the occasion.


Embrace Canadian nature with a holiday to remember. We provide information about packages and tourism options adapted to different budgets to plan your perfect holiday. There are many ways of enjoying the Great White North but only one that will make you want to come back.


Host families provide students and newcomers the best support in a friendly environment. We help you find the right family to give you a smooth landing in Canada.

Some Of Our Supporters, Partners and Friends

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Vancouver Events

CT Power Speaking Seminar!Speak more naturally and with greater fluency. The program reinforces and improves speaking skills using a two part system.

Every Monday from 4:00 to 5:30pm
Cost: Free

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Study Group S.O.S. with Anita Get an extra ESL help with Anita Lemonis for improving your grammar, speaking, pronunciation, reading and listening.

Every Tuesday: 4pm to 5pm
Cost: Applicable fees

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CT English conversation and new friends.Come and practice your English speaking and listening skills

Every Thursday: 4pm to 5:30pm
Cost: FREE

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Contact us

Vancouver Office

Seymour Building
Unit 1 - 525 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 3H7

Office Hours

(by appointment only):
Monday - Friday: 10 AM to 6 PM

You can also contact us from the comfort of your home, mobile or office, in order to receive all the information you might need for your next trip to Canada.

We would like to remind you that our information services are free of cost with the best quality by our professional advisors who speak your language!